About the artist

My interest for beading and wire art jewelry started after the birth of my first child. Being a mother full time gave me an urge to fill the days with something creative and artistic. I have always been fond of creative work like painting and music, but I felt the time was right to try something new.

I was born in Estonia from a russian speaking family and my language gives me a relation to a long and rich russian art and culture history. But on the other hand I also feel related to the baltic and scandinavian forms of minimalism and uniqueness. Since 1999 I have been living in Bergen Norway, where I went to university and took an education in art history and culture.

In my work I try to achieve a high level of quality and uniqueness that besides its immediate decorative values, can be regarded as a form of art.

Yours sincerely,
Olga Lønningdal

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